Loreto is a fairly small town in a fairly remote area of Baja California Sur. But thanks to an International airport, there are numerous ways to get to Loreto from the US or Canada. Recently a new map was released that shows the direct and connecting flights from a variety of locations. Keep in mind that there are many more connecting flights that are not listed on the map. You’ll want to find the best connecting direct flight based on your home airport.

Loreto Flight Map 2022

This flight map is accurate as of September 2022 and I wouldn’t be surprised if more options become available in the future since Loreto is a popular destination. We have more details about ways to get to Loreto on our Travel to Loreto page. That includes flight schedules that we try to update multiple times a year so you have an idea of flight numbers and times.

If you’ve never been to Loreto, you’ll find a wide variety of activities to enjoy while here. Many readers have probably been here a number of times and will be interested in the increased options. Those who spend a large amount of time in Loreto should share this post with friends and family so they can come to Loreto and enjoy it with all of us.


  1. Ann

    I live in Alaska and have a house in Alamos, Sonora. I’m always looking for different ways to get there and I can easily get to Loreto via San Francisco. Any easy way to get to Cuidad Obregon or Navojoa from Loreto

    • Foster D. Coburn III

      Unfortunately I only track flights to and from Loreto and I list those here on the site.

  2. Wendy

    Hi Foster,

    Desperately seeking a way to fly from inland Mexico to Loreto. My searches on all the Mexican airlines have returned zero. Any ideas?

    • Foster D. Coburn III

      Wendy, part of the reason is that there is only a single flight from anywhere on mainland Mexico directly to Loreto is a Volaris flight to Guadalajara. I’ve heard that it will no longer be offered and may already have ended. Most likely you’ll have to fly through Tijuana.


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