For the past two years, events in Loreto have been limited due to COVID. While there were events, we didn’t do a great job of keeping the Events Calendar on the Loreto Mexico Info site updated. It is also a challenge keeping things updated as we have to actually know the events exist.

We’ve divided events into two main categories. Special events that happen one time. As we post this, there are a number of Valentine’s Day events that only happen once a year. These events are listed by date on the calendar. We do our best to include as much information as possible about the events, though often we don’t have much simple because we’ve posted all we know.

The next section of events are things that happen every week. A perfect example of this is Pizza Night at La Mision hotel. Below the main events calendar are a list of these recurring events by day of the week. We admit this list is far from complete again because we don’t have the details we’d like to add more.

Maybe the most important part of the page is the form at the bottom. This is where visitors can tell us about an upcoming event so that we can add it to the calendar. If you run a local business with events, please let us know about them as soon as they are scheduled. There is no charge for us to list them, but we need to know about the event! Do you play music in Loreto? We want to know about it and we’d love for you to fill out the form and give us information about where and when you are playing. Even if it isn’t your business or your music, maybe you have information on an event. Please let us know! There is no charge whatsoever to have your event listed so please keep up in the loop so that we can tell others about your event!


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