Two weeks before I was planning to leave for a summer visit to Loreto Bay, Mexico; I lost a filling in one of my teeth. When it fell out, I didn’t even realize it happened until a couple of hours later. I had no pain and no sensitivity. So I didn’t feel it was urgent to go to my regular dentist in Arizona to get it filled.

I had long heard about how you can get great dental work in Mexico for a fraction of the price though I had never been to a Mexican dentist myself. With my visit scheduled in the near future, I contacted a Loreto dentist via email, Dr. Ramos, to see if he would be able to fill my tooth during my visit. We set an appointment for the first weekday morning after I arrived in Loreto.

The first step was locating his office. I used Google Maps to give me a good idea of the cross streets for his office and gave myself an extra 5-10 minutes to find it. While I didn’t immediately see it, it wasn’t hard to find and the big tooth on the sign told me I was in the right place.

Dentist office Loreto Mexico

I got there a few minutes before my 10 am appointment so Dr. Ramos had not yet arrived in the office. There might have been a five minute wait in the waiting room before he walked in and ushered me into the dreaded chair where he would work on me. While the office may not have been as fancy as my dentist in the US, it was clean and had everything needed. In fact, he had a nice TV in front of me playing music videos that was far nicer than the TV offered by my US dentist.

He got right to work on me with the only delay being a few minutes waiting for the Novocaine to get me numb. During this time, I watched videos and chatted. His English was just fine considering my Spanish is mostly limited to ordering food and drinks.

Foster at dentist in Loreto Mexico

Before I knew it, he was done and my tooth was looking great. He told me the cost would be 600 pesos, which at the time worked out to approximately $34 US. I paid his dental assistant and went on my way.

Should you ever need dental work while in Loreto, I highly recommend you contact Dr. Ramos. He does great work and you can’t beat the price! Below I’ve included the front and back of his business card so you can contact him.

Ricardo Ramos dentist Loreto Mexico

Ricardo Ramos business card


  1. Janet Frederick

    Hi Dr Ramos,
    My name is Janet Frederick. I will be in Loreto March 27-April 16th. I am looking to have crowns put on my front 4 top teeth. Are you taking new patients? If so is this a procedure that could be done at that time.
    Thank you,
    Janet Frederick

    • Foster D. Coburn III

      You are commenting on a blog post about my own trip to visit Dr. Ramos. His contact information is provided in the post. It is highly unlikely he will see your comment, so it would be best if you reach out to him directly using the provided contact information.


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