Internet Service

Casa Coburn has Internet provided by Telmex (the telecommunications company owned by Carlos Slim). For those of you wanting technical details, the signal is delivered wirelessly to an antenna on the roof of the casa. Once inside the house, the signal is distributed from a TP-Link WiFi router. We have installed a powerful router (shown at right) with three big external antennas and three internal antennas to help the signal easily cover the entire downstairs. Due to the thick concrete deck filled with rebar above the lower level, the signal isn’t as strong upstairs so we also installed a TP-Link range extender (also shown at right) to make sure the upstairs also has a strong signal. Please don’t unplug it from the wall! Should you need a wired connection, you can plug an Ethernet cable directly into the supplied router or the range extender. Yes, the WiFi signal is secured and you’ll find the required password printed directly on the router upon your arrival.

We’ve found the speed is fast enough to support streaming video and VOIP calls. The speed can vary based on the amount of traffic in the neighborhood, but it should be pretty good.

TP-Link Router
TP-Link Range Extender

Phone Service

Mexican phone service is provided in Casa Coburn. Your mobile phone may or may not work and could bring roaming charges. Definitely check with your mobile provider. An alternative is to route your phone calls through the Internet. This requires three things and we provide two of them for you. You need some phones, a way to connect to the Internet and a VOIP (Voice Over Internet) adapter. In the home you will find cordless phones in the living room and each bedroom (sample shown on the left in the photo below). We also have a router (an older router is shown on the right in the photo below). The middle of the photo shows the adapter from RingCentral that brings our US home phone to Loreto when we visit. When friends and family call our regular US number, they have no idea that we are in Loreto unless we tell them. There is no extra cost to us or the caller.
RingCentral is a great choice if you want to completely switch your home or office phones. There are other options you can purchase inexpensively that would be something you could use just for your time in Loreto Bay. Listed below are some of the more popular home VOIP providers. We do not have any personal experience with them so you’ll have to research if one of them will work for you. Typically you can get unlimited calls to the US and Canada for $10 or less a month. Any of them should be able to be used with the phones and router we provide for you.

It is also possible you can set your mobile phone to “WiFi Calling” which allows it to work anytime you have a WiFi connection. The level of service may be dependent on your phone model and phone provider.

Using Your US Mobile Phone

We only have direct experience with Sprint service and we’ll share those details here. Other US and Canadian mobile providers do have programs for using your phones while in Loreto. Please contact your provider to find a program that works for you.

Sprint’s program is named Open World and it can be added to any calling plan at no charge. The plan claims you get unlimited calling and unlimited text messages anywhere in Mexico. You also get 1GB of data service each billing period, with additional data billed based on usage. Note that if your phone is connected to WiFi while staying at Casa Coburn, that data won’t count since it doesn’t go through the mobile network. You can get more information on the Open World Web page or you can call 888-226-7212 to get this service added.

Television Service

Casa Coburn subscribes to the Sky HD Satellite Service, it is a Latin American cousin to DirecTV. There are hundreds of available channels including many of the most popular cable and movie channels. Since this is a Mexican service, there are a lot of channels in Spanish. But you will find there are also plenty of your favorites broadcast in English. We have set the service to broadcast the English audio when available. Guests are provided with a list of available channels.