Author: Foster D. Coburn III

Visiting Misión de San Javier With Six Hitchhikers

In my many visits to Loreto, I have not yet taken the trip to Misión de San Javier. So it was decided that a group of three of us would drive out to the Misión for a visit and lunch. What started out as a simple site-seeing trip turned into quite the adventure. The road to San Javier is a windy mountain road that is approximately 20 miles from the town of Loreto. Most of the road is paved, though there were some areas under construction on the day of my visit. We were about half way when a...

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Paco, Rock Chalk Jayhawk and Tasty Tequila

It was the summer of 2015 and I was enjoying Clam Night at the Hotel Oasis along the Malecon in Loreto. I looked up from my plate full of clams and I saw a man walking towards me with a t-shirt with a big “Rock Chalk Jayhawk” on the front of it. Being a Kansas alum and a huge fan of the Jayhawks, I had to say hello and meet a fellow Jayhawk. That first meeting was very brief and I didn’t even get his name. It was obvious that he was a Loretano. A couple of days later,...

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More Than Three Hour Tour on WanToSea Glass Bottom Boat

Part of the reason I love coming to Loreto is the underwater world of the Sea of Cortez. When I visit, I go scuba diving or snorkeling almost every day. On my most recent visit, a friend and I decided to take an excursion on the WanToSea glass bottom boat and the expedition was awesome! It leaves out of Puerto Escondido which is about ten miles south of the casa in Loreto Bay. If you do not have transportation, they will try to help you get a ride from either Loreto Bay or the town of Loreto. Our boat...

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A Day of Fishing in the Waters of Loreto, Mexico

On my most recent trip to Loreto, one of the friends joining me wanted to go fishing. Since I am not a fisherman, I had to ask around to help him find a fishing captain. One name was recommended several times and that was “Pancho” Barracuda. I passed along the contact information to my friend and he arranged plans for his fishing excursion. Their day started out very early in the morning at the Loreto Marina. Once a fishing license was in hand, the panga boat headed out past Carmen Island for the deep water of the Sea of...

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My Visit to the Dentist in Loreto, Mexico

Two weeks before I was planning to leave for a summer visit to Loreto Bay, Mexico; I lost a filling in one of my teeth. When it fell out, I didn’t even realize it happened until a couple of hours later. I had no pain and no sensitivity. So I didn’t feel it was urgent to go to my regular dentist in Arizona to get it filled. I had long heard about how you can get great dental work in Mexico for a fraction of the price though I had never been to a Mexican dentist myself. With my...

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