Cruise ships have been visiting Loreto for years. But this season there will be more than in past years. In total, 12 visits are planned. In the past, a very basic list of the visits was found on the Traveling to Loreto page. Now the list on that page is interactive based on the Events Calendar.

Each of the cruise ship visits has been added as a distinct event on the Events Calendar. We’ve made the duration of the event so that it corresponds with the time the ship is in the Loreto port rather than the entirety of the cruise. Within the details of the event, you’ll find more about the itinerary and a link back to the cruise company’s page on the cruise. For those truly interested, you could even book the cruise on their site. No, we don’t get any benefit from it.

For those who are in Loreto, you’ll know the days when we have a lot of extra visitors. If you are wanting to check out Loreto, maybe a cruise is the best way to do it.


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