Author: Foster D. Coburn III

Baja California’s Recipe for Saving Fishing Communities

Off the shores of Loreto is a large marine park designed to protect the vast array of sea creatures. There is still very active sportfishing and no shortage of whale watching tours during the winter season. Loreto is not the only area of Baja California that has taken steps to prevent over fishing. The folks at National Geographic wrote a feature article describing many of these efforts. Please read Baja California’s Recipe for Saving Fishing Communities for the full story with some amazing photos and videos. On your next visit to the Loreto area, you’ll have an even greater...

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13 Reasons and 12 Delicious Restaurants Provide Motivation to Visit Loreto

If I had to narrow down the reasons to visit Loreto, it would be a struggle. With each visit, I find a few more reasons. Of course the reasons that motivate any individual will depend on what they enjoy most. As an example, I’m not a person who enjoys fishing. I do enjoy scuba diving to look at fish and eating fish at the local restaurants. Regardless of how I feel about fishing, it is a big reason for many visitors who come to Loreto. Jackie Nourse is the founder of The Budget Minded Traveler site and she has...

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Golfing While Visiting Loreto Bay Casa Coburn

When guests are planning a trip to Loreto Bay, they often want to get in a few rounds of golf during their stay. Below are the current rates as of October 2016. Rates are certainly subject to change and it is probably best to contact the courses directly to get the exact rates for the time you will be visiting. Loreto Bay Golf Resort This is the course that weaves through the Loreto Bay community. From Casa Coburn, it is about a five minute walk to the clubhouse. All prices are shown in US dollars. Green fee 9 holes...

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Visiting Misión de San Javier With Six Hitchhikers

In my many visits to Loreto, I have not yet taken the trip to Misión de San Javier. So it was decided that a group of three of us would drive out to the Misión for a visit and lunch. What started out as a simple site-seeing trip turned into quite the adventure. The road to San Javier is a windy mountain road that is approximately 20 miles from the town of Loreto. Most of the road is paved, though there were some areas under construction on the day of my visit. We were about half way when a...

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Paco, Rock Chalk Jayhawk and Tasty Tequila

It was the summer of 2015 and I was enjoying Clam Night at the Hotel Oasis along the Malecon in Loreto. I looked up from my plate full of clams and I saw a man walking towards me with a t-shirt with a big “Rock Chalk Jayhawk” on the front of it. Being a Kansas alum and a huge fan of the Jayhawks, I had to say hello and meet a fellow Jayhawk. That first meeting was very brief and I didn’t even get his name. It was obvious that he was a Loretano. A couple of days later,...

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